12.2.1, 12.2.2 Literature Review


In this review, I will be exploring how the digitalization of marketing has affected the Book Publishing Industry, evaluating the evidence I have collected and ultimately using this information to influence the content of my website. I hypothesize that digital marketing will be a highly effective development to the Publishing Industry due to rising trends. The sources shown are a selection of the ones I gathered while researching, each of them best reflecting the main points of the overall topic.

Firstly, I am going to discuss some of the academic sources I discovered. In Understanding Digital Marketing, (Ryan, 2014) Ryan discusses in detail the benefits of digital marketing. I found that any sort of online promotion is a help, since most people’s first instinct is to search online when they require more information regarding a product or service. Knowing that an online presence will boost interest will help with the content I create on my website, as all of the features will be a form of both promotion and entertainment. I can trust the reliability of this source, as the academic status of it means it’s a well-researched topic.

Digital Branding (Rowles, 2015) argues against the reliability of digital marketing. The nature of online means people are voicing their opinions of products more, and trust fellow consumer reviews more than a potentially biased promotional site. From this, I know that any reviews featured on my blog will have to remain unbiased and honest. With the book being recently published and focused entirely on branding tactics, this gives an up-to-date and well-rounded side to the argument. Since technology is always developing, the recent publication date means the information is current.

Moving onto a cultural quote, a YouTube livestream with Consultant Dan Blank (2013) claims that authors and publishers are keeping up to date with trends, and are finding new ways to use social media for marketing. Since my website will be connected to number social media sites, it is helpful to see business using this method too. Though the livestream was a few years ago, the content is still relevant, as found with my other sources of research. Dan Blank’s point can be subjective, though also valid, as it is coming from a place of experience and expertise.

Going back to the academic sources, the final one I am going to mention is Advertising on the Internet (Aronson, Zeff, 1997). Here, I discover how digital marketing can benefit sales in a productive way. The interactivity of a website or social media page not only means consumer opinions can be collected easily, but it is also more convenient to actually purchase the product through links. However, this book was published quite a while ago, and so the information sourced may be outdated. It could be difficult to analyze whether these facts remain the same.

In conclusion, most of the sources I used within my research are valid, though some more than others. While a few are well researched academic books, some of them are outdated and therefore less relevant. The cultural sources can be subjective too, so validity would depend on the reader. The information I have found will help towards my specialist study report.


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Author: Ashleigh

I'm Ashleigh, a 19 year old British bookworm who has been living in the fictional world half of my life. I adore reading, and will never have a large enough book collection. I'm a Slytherin with a bit of Gryffindor in me, and I love Disney.

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  1. In your conclusion what do you mean by this “The cultural sources can be subjective too, so validity would depend on the reader. ” could you explore the validity of cultural sources any further?


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