12.1.1, 12.1.2 Specialist Study Proposal


How has the digitalisation of marketing affected the publishing industry?


For my final major project, I will be creating a webzine dedicated to books and publishing. Through this site I will create a range of content, spanning from features, reviews, videos and photojournalism. Since I already have a blog and YouTube page dedicated to books, my webzine will act as a more professional version of these, with similar content but including more features of events and interviews.

To study this topic, I will be carrying out a range of research. Not only will I use a variety of academic books discussing how the use of social media as a marketing method has grown, but I will also find YouTube videos that go more in depth as to how this form of promotion has affected the publishing industry directly. Statistics will be used to back up my points, sowing how often social media is used and how marketing online has affected sales in the publishing industry. I will also do some secondary research on the internet, finding articles and interviews that discuss the same topic.

From my research, I hypothesise that the majority of information will support the idea that the digitalisation of marketing has benefitted the Publishing Industry. Though there may be some drawbacks, digital marketing as a whole can be seen as much more convenient and effective.


This topic will help me with my final major project, as my entire webzine will be promoting books digitally through features, videos and photojournalism, so studying the affects will help me focus and advertise my work specifically. It will also show me what has previously been tested, so if any part of marketing online doesn’t work as well as expected, I will know to adjust this in my own work. This will also be helpful in my future career, as I’m hoping to work as a book publicist in the publishing industry, which is entirely focused on digital marketing and promotion.

Research Sources:

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Author: Ashleigh

I'm Ashleigh, a 19 year old British bookworm who has been living in the fictional world half of my life. I adore reading, and will never have a large enough book collection. I'm a Slytherin with a bit of Gryffindor in me, and I love Disney.

1 thought on “12.1.1, 12.1.2 Specialist Study Proposal”

  1. Please talk to me about referencing online sources in your bibliography. They are nearly right ! Also in you lit review which is very good at time a more direct link back to your specific hypothesis could have been made. Well done

    Where is your findings?


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